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Personal Grow & 420 Cultivation Coach -

Hydroponic coach & personal grow lessons for beginner & intermediate home growers. Learn the basics of home growing & personal cultivation & pick up techniques that may take some years to acquire with practice & self study. We'll go through your grow space, help you decide what options are best for your conditions, walk you through the germination & vegetation cycles, the bloom or flowering phase, & finally the curing & drying of your efforts.

Our step by step cultivation course is just another way to help you grow better, learn faster, & get you up & running the right way. We're not sponsored by any companies therefore we're not here to sell you any products you won't need in your garden, we're just here to get you going in the right direction & build your skills to make you a better practitioner in the home cultivation hobby. After a few cycles you'll have the confidence to go on your own & take the lessons learned to the next level of your personal goals.

Give us a try & grow with confidence without jumping through all the hoops. I'm a phone & online coach that has been teaching hydroponics since 2016 and have helped thousands of growers across the US with their personal, at-home cultivation hobby & I look forward to working with you & learning more about your grow space.

For $150 a month you'll have a personal coach to get you through your first few cycles and growing like a professional. Message me anytime throughout the month & have 1 phone consultation each week so we can discuss in detail any of your questions while going through everything together step by step. Yearly paid upfront is $120 per month. Most students try out the monthly for about 2 months & if you enjoy learning with us & want would like to continue we can set up the year plan anytime. The average student will generally stick with the course for roughly 16 months while others only 8 - 10 months.

I'm a licensed grower in the state of Colorado & teach students anywhere in the world for their own personal knowledge. I don't condone or will not participate in illegal activities, as I am an online instructor that also expects you to follow your own state & local laws. My services are strictly over the phone & online so I will never ask what state you're from & what you do after our lessons have concluded. If you’re not in a legal growing state that’s OK! Learn with us now anywhere in the world & take your knowledge with you wherever you plan to go.

Thank you for your interest & give me a call anytime. You'll have a better experience growing knowing there's someone always here to help out in your garden.


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