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- MYSTERY BOX DEALS 2, 4, & 6 Pack

- MYSTERY BOX DEALS 2, 4, & 6 Pack

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Mystery Box Deals

2 "Mysterious" packs for $99 includes free shipping with code "MYSTERY" All packs are fully labeled so you'll know what they are however the selection of these mysterious packs will be hand picked by FLIP SIDE.

*If you order 2 mystery boxes you will get 4 mysterious packs total & one of these 4 packs will include either: the original Topanga Sour Kush F1 or F2 or original Ethereal F1 or F2.

*If you order 3 mystery boxes you will get 6 mysterious packs total & two of these 6 packs will be: one of the original Bubble Tea or the BOBA aka Bubble Tea F2, and one of the original Topanga Sour Kush F1 or F2 or original Ethereal F1 or F2. 

*FYI any discount codes, special sales, holiday discounts, or other promotions do not apply to the mystery box. Discount codes will apply to all other items across the site in your checkout.

*All orders $149+ get free shipping & all other orders are $7.99 shipping except the mystery box. If you checkout & use code "MYSTERY" on other orders that do not include the mystery box, your order will be placed on hold & you will be charged $7.99 anyway. 

Thank you.

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